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Talon Entertainment is looking for a Concept Artist, if you are interested in teaming up with them, here are some things you should know:

:bulletgreen: We are looking for a concept artist to fill a volunteer (non-paid) position.

:bulletgreen: The artist needs to have a good understanding of animal anatomy and physiology, and be able to reflect this in their work.

:bulletgreen: The artist needs to be at least 18 years of age in order to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The only personal information they will need is their full name on the NDA, and contact information such as their email address. Talon Entertainment guarantees that personal information WILL NOT be shared with third parties.

:bulletgreen: Skype is needed for communication with the development team. It may be requested of the artist to use voice chat and share their computer screen during some development sessions.

:bulletgreen: Anyone interested should be directed to contact Talon Entertainment. Applicants may contact us at, or by reaching me personally through deivantART by sending a note to DeinonychusEmpire. My name is Rick Charles and I am the speculative biology consultant for Talon Entertainment.

:bulletgreen: Any applicants will be interviewed and their work reviewed. When we make a final decision, we will let the applicant know whether they have been accepted or not. It will be a strictly objective process. Our considerations of any applicants will be based solely on their understanding of animal anatomy and physiology, their artistic skill and style, and their professional attitude. We do not discriminate by age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or occupation.

We (Talon Entertainment) are certainly willing to answer any questions applicants may have about us as well.

I have recently been contacted again, by an issue Talon Entertainment would like to rectify

:bulletred: There seems to have been a misunderstanding concerning the non-disclosure agreement. Due to this being a volunteer position, we certainly do not intend to bound anyone to a "work contract". We would appreciate it if in the announcement it was explained that our non-disclosure agreement only serves to protect our intellectual property from theft, a solid promise by anyone who signs it that they will not leak or steal any information about the project. Signing our non-disclosure agreement would NOT bound them to a long-term arrangement that would harvest their resources without credit and some form of compensation. I think this is a misunderstood aspect of our volunteer position that is deterring a lot of potential applicants.
I Belive we have enough People for the job now. :D thank you everyone!

Good day Creature Concepts!
As most of you may have noticed, the rate of gallery acceptance has dropped severely. This is due to the increasingly limited time I have to be on DA and Creature Concepts. It is for this reason that I ask if any of our members out there would like to donate their time to become a Gallery Moderator. There are some basic requirements for this "job", I.E.:

1. Enough time once a day (at the very least every-other day) to go through the gallery submissions.

2. Enforce AND adhere to the gallery rules!

  For anyone who would like to do this, Please send your application to Creature Concepts by note, OR send a note to me ( ErothBlackDragon  )
And the winner for the Big Contest Platinum tier is:

Varatera With: :clap:
Congratulations Varatera !!!! You will receive:

A place in the featured folder,
a chance to be a guest judge in any future competitions,
a DA wide exclusive interview and a chance to become a contributor!

As well as:

3 month sub + a colorized sketch of the winning creature from NimbleBun

1 llama, 1 feature and a full piece from ErothBlackDragon

1 back-groundless digital piece of the winners choice by Snowpuddles

A big Thank you!! to all who participated! Y'all had some really cool ideas! :D
It's Time to close the entry's for the Big Competition! Now its time for our judges to pour over the entry's and select a winner!

I would also like to take the time to say that the Fortnightly Contests will be suspended for a couple months to give us a brake in-between contests. That's all for today folks, till next time!
Hello everyone! this is just a quick update to let everyone know that I've Extended the deadline for the Fortnightly contest till the end of the month.

Also don't forget that The Big Competition's entry deadline is February 2nd

I talked about both competitions in the last Blog, which you can find here: creature-concepts.deviantart.c…